A Pop Up Garden event took place in May 2021 in Newtown Square, a Bird Town. The event was pitched to many homeowners who were busy planting a wide variety of flowers, shrubs and trees to improve their home’s curb appeal. The event was a creative approach to convey that landscaping with native plants can benefit your garden, the environment and our wildlife. The event was designed to educate property owners to the importance of native plants with an emphasis on:

  • Native plants are the foundation of our region’s ecosystem.
  • They adapted to local conditions, thus requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Native plants provide nutritious seeds, berries, nectar and foliage to animals and pollinators — butterflies, moths and bees.
  • They are also hosts to many insects that our birds rely on for food for their chicks.

Newtown Township in Delaware County is proud to be recognized as a Bird Town to promote conservation and community-based actions, to create a healthy, more sustainable environment for birds and people. Newtown Township received grant funding from Valley Forge Audubon Society to create a Pop-Up Garden for residents to explore and learn how native plants are vital in supporting nature and wildlife.

The Pop-Up Garden was initially located at the at the corner of Bishop Hollow Rd and Ellis Avenue and then moved to St. Albans Circle, as part of Newtown Square’s Gather in the Circle initiative. Visitors to the pop-up garden had the opportunity to explore the garden, learn about native plants and take home helpful information about how to create and build their own gardens. The native plants, flowers, grasses and trees were then permanently planted around the community.