The Abington Bird Town/Township Environmental Advisory Committee, Briar Bush Nature Center, Wild Birds Unlimited in Dresher, and Wyncote Audubon sponsored a “Bird Feeder Cleaning Event” on August 20th and 21st at Briar Bush Nature Center. This event was, in part, a response to the recent concerns surrounding the mysterious bird illness that has resulted in recommendations for a moratorium on feeding birds. It also reminds us that it is an important practice to periodically clean our bird feeders for the benefit of the birds that visit our feeders. Participants “dropped off” their feeders at Briar Bush.

The feeders were be “tagged and bagged” for identification. Volunteers cleaned and disinfected the feeders for “pick up” and provided informative materials on making homes “bird friendly.”

Everyone was pleased with the news that the Pennsylvania Game Commission had reported that it was safe to resume the feeding of birds. Serendipity reigned as the scheduling of this event coincided with the “green light” to resume bird feeding. The important message that was conveyed was the importance to keep feeders clean and address on a periodic basis. The success of this event has led to the consideration to repeat it periodically and perhaps in other Bird Towns.