To help waning bird and insect populations by educating the public on how native plants could be used to create a beautiful and ecologically functional garden, the Upper Dublin Bird Town, Wyncote Audubon and the Ambler-Keystone Branch of the Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association are creating a Native Plant Demonstration Garden in the new Twining Valley Park. Once a golf course, the park presented plenty of opportunities for gardening. In Jan 2020, the head of Parks and Recreation recommended a former putting green on the main path right next to the clubhouse and parking lot entrance for our project.

We secured 3 Grants so far- the Hazel Herring Award from the Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association and 2 from the Hardy Plant Society (administered through the Wyncote Audubon Society). Volunteers consisted of Upper Dublin residents and the Woman’s National Farm and Garden Association.

Employees of Upper Dublin Parks and Recreation cleared the area of unwanted vegetation. So, now the area is full of native perennials, grasses, trees and berry producing shrubs. Hummingbirds snack on the flowers while Robins and Catbirds looking for grub follow us around while we are planting. The insects have shown up in droves to find much needed food. People on their walks through the park are complimenting the plantings and thanking us. Hopefully we will be able to buy some interpretive signs and give educational talks about the function of the plants in the ecosystem soon. For more information about the Park’s development, click on the button below.