This program is a solution-based “call to action to regenerate biodiversity and ecosystem function by planting native plants and creating new ecological networks.” Their goal is to have 20 million acres of native plantings in the US, which would represent half of the green lawns of privately-owned properties. Habitat loss is a profound problem for birds and many other kinds of wildlife, so please consider participating to be part of the solution!

To add your property to the online map of “homegrown national parks,” you first need to create an account, including a password. Once you have an account, a firefly marks approximately where your property is located on the map, and you can create a Personal Planting Goal. As you record your plantings in your account, the program shows how much you’ve completed and accomplished via a tracking bar. The website offers numerous resources, including

  • recommendations for native plantings in containers for those who do not have yards,
  • lists of native plant nurseries and native-plant landscaping companies by state,
  • educational videos,
  • links to non-profit resources, and
  • both a brochure to print and a sign to purchase to help spread the word.

Check out the map of Pennsylvania and find out how many neighbors are already on it.

Did you know that Birdtown PA is one of their non-profit resources listed under Pennsylvania?

When you do sign up here, please let them know during registration that you learned about them through the Bird Town Pennsylvania Program.

Heidi Shiver, Bird Town Pennsylvania President and PA Audubon Council Secretary