Movie Review.

The remarkable lives of hummingbirds are beautifully captured in this 55-minute documentary shot primarily in the highlands of Brazil. There are over 360 hummingbird species, with the earliest believed to have emerged 50 million years ago. British broadcaster and natural historian David Attenborough narrates and explains the fascinating history of how flowering plants coevolved with hummingbirds—the plants ensuring that their pollen would be spread to other plants, and the birds developing special flight skills and elongated beaks to access hard-to-reach flowers’ nectar and pollen. With the help of stunning slow-motion photography and video, the hummingbirds’ interactions and details of their lives can be better understood and appreciated, from their acrobatic flying, mating displays, defense of territories and nectar stores, to their raising of young and migrating, all of which are mesmerizing and exhilarating to watch.

Take a break, sit back, and enjoy a peek into the world of hummingbirds’ shimmering beauty!

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Heidi Shiver, Bird Town Pennsylvania President and PA Audubon Council Secretary