Use the clues to fill in the words below.

In case you get stuck, there are hints after the clues.

The answers are at the end.

Notice its long legs (as a hint)

These adorable sandhill crane babies are the answer to #1 across


1. its long legs allow it to run as fast as a young MALE horse
5. this baby bird name has the letter Q in it
6. newborn baby birds are in their nests, and the word for them shows that
8. just check the internet for this one; it’s hard!
9. this name rhymes with “bake”
2. this word ends with “let”
3. Ryan __________ is a famous actor
4. check out this web page: — the word you’re looking for is under the picture of the baby Northern Mockingbird
7. this name rhymes with “penny”
8. this word rhymes with “pick”

Game prepared by Christine M. Du Bois, Ph.D., Bird Town Coordinator of the Lansdowne Bird Town

Image Credits:

Sandhill Crane Colts, copyright Lita Kishbaugh, used with permission

Grus canadensis -chick-8 , by by Dawn Huczek, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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