It’s cold outside, and your family might not be outdoors as much. So see if you can find these birds hidden in an indoor scene:

  • a goose
  • a seated duck
  • 2 flocks of flying seagulls
  • a heron standing
  • a mocking bird in flight
  • a sitting ruffed grouse
  • a plump hummingbird, and
  • a bluebird sitting on a wire (this one is hard)

If you get stuck, scroll down a bit for the answer key. Have fun looking for birds!

Note: If you encounter problems downloading the picture, try switching to Chrome or opening it in Word instead of as a pdf.

Christine Du Bois – Buxbaum, Ph.D., Lansdowne Bird Town Coordinator of the Lansdowne Bird Town

Artwork by Larry U. Buxbaum

Answer Key:
goose is the G clef on the music book
duck is the left limbs of the teddy bear on the cabinet
flocks of seagulls are the fringes of the rug
heron is the girl’s ponytail, arm sling, and flank
mocking bird is below the two stars in the painting
ruffed grouse is the top right of the head of the teddy bear in the bed
hummingbird is on bottom right› shelving, next to blocks (beak is pointed up and right)
bluebird is upside down, on bottom of shoe on the rug