Did you know that you can find rubies in Pennsylvania?!

Ruby-throated hummingbirds, that is—and lots of other cool birds. All over our state there are “hot spots” for bird watching—places where birds like to show up. Think of it this way: Bird Town Pennsylvania is group of towns and cities that take care of birds, but birds also have extra “towns” of their own. Maybe your family or youth group could go to one of these special places on the Global Big Day on May 13 in 2023.

But the hot spots are “hot” on other days, too! Check out this rhyming fill-in-the-blank puzzle to discover where and when to have a great birding experience. Below the puzzle, you’ll find a list of places to fill into the blanks. Use rhymes as your clues about which place belongs in which blank (there’s an answer key at the end in case you need a little help). Then check out the map to see which ones you can get to. Destination: Pennsylvania birds!

Pennsylvania Hot Spot Rhyme

1. For thousands of snow geese to thrill your mind, in February and March take a peek/
at the Wildlife Management Area known as _____________________________ _______.

2. May 12-14 enjoy a Festival of Birds in a park teeming with feathers of many a style/
on the shores of Lake Eerie, it’s called _______________________________________.

3. Varied habitats make a good place to find birds, even sometimes the one most regal/
the name of this state park is simply _________________________________________.

4. A sanctuary with thousands of migrating birds of prey, a place to … gawk, account and/
enjoy the vistas, this place is Pennsylvania’s famous ____________________________.

5. America’s first national wildlife refuge inside a city, with water birds and warblers of many kinds/
this bird-watcher’s hangout sounds like it’s ketchup: _______________________________.

6. You’ll love the water birds on along this river, if you can say its name with a smile/
the river is the Youghiogheny (yaa-kuh-GAY-nee), and the park is called __________________.

7. The hawks and golden eagles here will make you want to clap/
so be sure to spend some time at _______________________________________________.

8. Nesting bald eagles and bright Blackburnian warblers to make this place so grand/
when you’re in this park, you’re definitely in a _____________________________________.

9. Owls, turkeys, falcons, woodpeckers and hawks at the park named __________________/
would be reason to boast—but no one there is a snob!

10. Grouse, owls, sapsuckers, flycatchers, warblers, and ravens have all chorused/
“Come see if you can find us in the _________________________________________!”

11. The Wetland Trail at State Game Lands 313 has a hiding spot—you’ll spy many a duck/
with a boardwalk over marsh and swamp, this landscape is nicknamed __________________.

Phrases to put in the blanks. Look for where they rhyme with the word or phrase before the / symbol:

Hawk Mountain www.hawkmountain.org

The Muck myhikes.org/trails/wetlands-trail-sgl-313-the-muck

John Heinz

Presque Isle

Bald Eagle

Waggoner’s Gap

Blue Knob

Middle Creek


Promised Land

Loyalsock State Forest

MAP with the parks:

Game prepared by Christine M. Du Bois, Ph.D., Bird Town Coordinator of the Lansdowne Bird Town

Image Credits:

“Children watch with binoculars, birdwatching,” by Walton LaVonda, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, public domain.

Map adapted from “Pennsylvania (1871-1878) county map, cb 500k.svg” by MisterElection2001, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Answer Key:
1. Middle Creek
2. Presque Isle
3. Bald Eagle
4. Hawk Mountain
5. John Heinz
6. Ohiopyle
7. Waggoner’s Gap
8. Promised Land
9. Blue Knob
10. Loyalsock State Forest
11. The Muck