As you learned on July 19th from the letter you received from Suzanne Biemiller, Executive Director of Audubon Mid-Atlantic and Val Peckham, PA Field Organizer, Audubon Mid-Atlantic will no longer be able to support the Bird Town program. As we shared with you in April, the Bird Town Working Group had been formed as a leadership/advisory committee to Audubon Mid-Atlantic to support the program. With the change in the role of Audubon Mid-Atlantic, the Bird Town Working Group is now committed to a transition role to sustain the Bird Town Program. We are happy to announce that the program will continue to be called “Bird Town” and that all street signs can remain in place at this time for now.

The working group intends to build a stronger program, continue to expand through PA and create a bird friendly coalition with various partners that will provide long-term sustainability and funding. We have several townships waiting to join already. We envision our mission and many of the goals and objectives will remain the same, but they can evolve as appropriate.

As the stakeholders and leaders of the individual programs, your opinion and insights are critical at this time. During the August meeting, we will have an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and concerns as well as provide you more details of the work and plans we have been making.

This will be a virtual meeting, via zoom, and is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Thursday, August 19, 2021. Please email pabirdtown @ if you would like to participate in this Zoom meeting. Additional information and the agenda will be shared with registrants in advance of the meeting.