Thanks for Stopping By!

Thanks for Stopping By!

Backyard Habitat Programs

Help us build green corridors of sustenance and safety for our birds and wildlife by participating in one of the Backyard Habitat Programs.

While each program has a primary focus, each offers a very similar path to sustainable and wildlife friendly development. After all, what is good for pollinators is good for birds and vice versa. A garden intended to provide good habitat for bees and butterflies is also providing food for birds.

Plant This, Not That

A simple guide to discover native plants for your landscape in place of invasive or non-native varieties.

The Top 10 Lists: Plants for Birds

Learn the top ten trees and the top ten shrubs for your wildlife garden

A Case For Caterpillars

Berries for Birds

DIY Garden Designs from Audubon

Simple Steps to Create a Native Plant Garden in Your Yard

The 2021 Birdy Dozen

Twelve suggested natives to plant in your yard right now!

Want this? Plant That

Bird-friendly blooms for your wildlife yard that will bring color throughout the season.